the graduate

I promise I haven't abandanoned my blog! My life's been incredibly full-on the last couple months and I just haven't found the time (or motivation) to update. I'm halfway through with the first semester of my master's, and it's been a killer, to put it lightly. All I can say is, I'm newly inspired to look for my first graduate job, I think I'm finally done with school for good!

In other news, I graduated! I am now a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree. t's so hard not to be a little bit cynical about it, but I can't still can't help but feel proud; my entire educational career has pretty much led up to this point.

There are a few things they don't tell you about the cap and gown, like the four arm holes in the gown. Why?! I'm already stressed about not looking like a fool at graduation, and now I'm supposed to worry about whether I've got my arms through the right arm holes? And a tip about the cap -- get the right size! When I was getting fitted for my cap, the guy asked me if it fit...well, I wasn't exactly an expert of graduation cap fit; it wasn't falling off at that exact moment, so I said yes. That wasn't my finest moment. For the rest of the day, every time I moved my head even the slightest inch, I could feel the cap start to slide off; that's why I'm holding onto it (for dear life) in most of these photos. The walk on stage went by like a blur because I was so preoccupied with what felt like balancing a plate on my head. I shook hands with the Vice Chancellor and had no idea what he said to me, the whole experience was such a blank, all because of the stupid cap! In the end though, everything turned out fine, my hat didn't fall off, and I get a mildly interesting anecdote from my graduation -- can't complain about that. :)


I started uni again last week, and maybe it has to do with the fact that I'm starting a whole new degree, but I'd been feeling very blasé and unmotivated about the prospect of endless readings and assignments for the rest of the semester. On my first day of class, I couldn't find the room to one of my seminars, so I just skipped it. That was extremely smart of me. But this week I've started to get back into the rhythm of things -- I'm currently on top of all my readings, I'm finding my subjects a lot more fascinating than I'd expected, and I already have some idea of how I want to go about my first assignment. We'll see how long my studiousness lasts (to be frank, it'll probably taper off by the next couple weeks), but for now I'm kind of enjoying it.

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a cautionary tale

Having not been blogging regularly all summer, I find myself paralyzed when I actually make an attempt to post. I've started this entry half a dozen different ways, and everytime I've deleted it because it's almost as if I've forgotten that people don't actually care about the words I write, just the pictures. On the bright side, that means I've given myself license to ramble!

I wore this outfit to see The Hobbit one evening with a couple of friends, right before my very first overnight shift at work. I'm clearly amazing at prioritizing. The prospect of being up all night terrified me a little, and I downed an ungodly amount of coffee in an effort to steel myself against inevitably sleepiness. I found out later from a coworker that this is a very very bad idea as the caffeine will prevent you from being able to sleep afterwards, which is even worse if you're working two or three or four overnights in a row. Needless to say, staying up for the next 24 hours taught me my lesson, and since then I've never used caffeine to help me stay awake at work.

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