Top: Duck Head Jeans Co., Goody's (USA)
Skirt: vintage '70s, Etsy
Belt: thrifted
Shoes: Expression, Big W

How did I spend the past few days? Just...sitting on my butt, watching TV shows online. Becoming monumentally worked up over the 72-minute Megavideo limit. What can I say? It's a tough life.

We are a family of heathens, heretics, and non-believers -- thus, Christmas was essentially ignored on the big day. I recall watching a few episodes of Mad Men online that day, though.

I have a habit of questioning why we do certain things. Things that are mundane and so familiar to us that we can't even begin to imagine not doing them, traditions that are entrenched in our existence, rituals we see as integral components of our beings. To certain such customs I ask, "Why?" Sometimes, the answer is inadequate...and that's the story of how religion never entered my system.

Despite making me sound mildly arrogant, it's actually fairly freeing. It's nice to be able to base my actions on things that make me happy rather than societal conventions, which, when examined at their roots, simply make no sense.

Apparently laziness stimulates the philosophical side of my mind...hmm.



Blouse: vintage, thrifted
Skirt: vintage, Etsy
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Nasty Gal

Nothing really to add here, but holy crap, 10 days until 2011!


urban bohemian

Dress: Atmosphere, thrifted
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Edge of Urge
Sunglasses: Paddy's Markets

This dress is my newest thrifted treasure ($4!) and I've affectionately nicknamed it the mullet dress because it's a little longer in the back. Even so, it's still somewhat scandalously short so I ended up wearing a pair of shorts underneath.

A funny story about this dress: in the thrift store, this dress was completely shapeless on the hanger, but I noticed the Primark tag (£10.00) and immediately snatched it up. I bought it without trying it on. I do that sometimes... The thing is, I find English things...exotic, I suppose. Even though I know that Primark is one of the cheapest clothing chains in price (and quality too, probably), the fact that it's English completely negates that fact in my mind. Truth is, a boring, ordinary English brand is just a nice change from the boring, ordinary Australia brands. :)

And it's my first outing in my new shoes! They're amazingly comfortable despite the 5-inch heel, but I still felt very much like a newborn lamb for the first few minutes I had them on. They're so much fun, though, and the neutral shade of pink is surprisingly versatile. I can't wait until colder weather so I can clash them with teal tights!