urban bohemian

Dress: Atmosphere, thrifted
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Edge of Urge
Sunglasses: Paddy's Markets

This dress is my newest thrifted treasure ($4!) and I've affectionately nicknamed it the mullet dress because it's a little longer in the back. Even so, it's still somewhat scandalously short so I ended up wearing a pair of shorts underneath.

A funny story about this dress: in the thrift store, this dress was completely shapeless on the hanger, but I noticed the Primark tag (£10.00) and immediately snatched it up. I bought it without trying it on. I do that sometimes... The thing is, I find English things...exotic, I suppose. Even though I know that Primark is one of the cheapest clothing chains in price (and quality too, probably), the fact that it's English completely negates that fact in my mind. Truth is, a boring, ordinary English brand is just a nice change from the boring, ordinary Australia brands. :)

And it's my first outing in my new shoes! They're amazingly comfortable despite the 5-inch heel, but I still felt very much like a newborn lamb for the first few minutes I had them on. They're so much fun, though, and the neutral shade of pink is surprisingly versatile. I can't wait until colder weather so I can clash them with teal tights!


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MellJBrown said...

primark is the shiznit
I got THE BEST fluffy warm snoods (scarf/hoods- basically a big long loop of wool) from there for like 4quid each.

-m xx