Photos by Angie

Top: Fang, TJ Maxx (USA)
Skirt: self-made
Shoes: Wittner, thrifted
Sunglasses: Barkins
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, eBay

I'd definitely consider this outfit a product of functional thinking rather than style. I used to prefer longer-sleeved tops because I didn't like to tan, and for years, I spent the entire summer season indoors so I wouldn't have to face the heat and sun. But I recently decided that I actually wanted to do things, and so that greasy beast, sunscreen, became my friend. It was 34/93 degrees today, and the humidity made it seem even hotter. Is there a word/phrase that describes the opposite of wind chill factor? Because that's what it was...

I own maybe five tank tops, and I'm pretty sure I've worn them all on this blog. Which means there'll definitely be semi-repeat outfits, but I'm working on expanding my summer wardrobe. Speaking of semi-repeats, I actually wore this top/skirt combo when I was in Melbourne, but because I didn't get to document it, I decided to wear it again today. With my recently-thrifted Wittner sandals, which are leather and the most perfectly adorable shade of pink; looks like my pink-binge is still going strong. Aaaand, on the subject of pink-binge, the handbag in my wishlist post? Bought it. What happened to...umm...not buying things? Impulsive purchases are the worst/best! Oh, least I've got a package to look forward to. :)



Unknown said...

That skirt is awesome! You did such a good job. I love the subtle print.

I have a love/hate thing with tank tops, myself. I always feel kind of underdressed, and it takes about a year to get sunscreen on all of the exposed skin. (Of course I somehow still manage to burn anyway.)

Sounds super unpleasantly warm in your neck of the woods! Hope things aren't quite so humid tomorrow :)

Bay Sandoval said...

I like this so much!

Lynnette said...

Love everything about this outfit! These photos are making me yearn for summer, I'm so tired of snow ;(

Annebeth said...

I can't stress how much I love your blog enough. You always seem like some gorgeous creature from another world or another time, even though the stuff you wear is quite simple. So even if you repeat outfits, you'll still look like a dream to me! :D