Top: Faded Glory, Wal-Mart (USA)
Skirt: thrifted & shortened
Belt: Valleygirl
Shoes: Nine West
Sunglasses: Barkins

I didn't realize there was a washing-machine stain on my tank top until after I'd taken outfit photos this morning -- so annoying, but relatively live-withable, I guess. Those kinds of imperfections really irritate me in a slightly obsessive-compulsive way. Like after I've taken my photos and notice that my belt's off-center or my bangs are wrong... It'd be too late to redo them so I usually end up posting them anyway, but everytime I see those certain pictures, I can't help but focus on the flaws and will them with my mind to move into the correct positions...

I went to the city today to do a little touristing and photo-taking. See more pictures of my day at my photoblog. Here's a preview:



Anonymous said...

love your belt and your skirt!
nice outfit

Georgy said...

Your outfits look very nice..

Ashlyn said...

I love your shoes in this post AND the last post. I've been a bit of a shoe hound lately, I'm saving up what little money I make to buy a pair of Jeffrey Campbells ;).

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

your photos are so amazing. I browsed your photography blog too the other day and was just in awe of your skills.

That is a shame about the laundry stain but I didn't notice it!!! I love how you matched and pieced things together in this outfit.