summertime tux

Top: Temt
Shorts: DIY from old school uniform trousers
Shoes: Joanne Mercer, thrifted
Sunglasses: Barkins

Today's outfit (very very) loosely reminds me of a tuxedo modified for summertime wear, with the stripe of lace and row of bows down the center of the top (which I would very much like to describe as "crisp" and "white," but in reality it's pink and rather shapeless...) and the high-waisted black shorts (butchered from a pair of ill-fitting uniform trousers that I was never going to wear).

And you'll never guess where I went wearing this outfit! Uni! (Sarcastic overjoyment doesn't translate well in text...) It was a summer school class, and the only thing I learned was that I will never be able to concentrate (much less converse in French) in 35/95 degree heat. One more month until fall!



belle said...

that top is just the cutest. lucky you, only one more month of heat. I, on the other hand is just getting ready for it.

MellJBrown said...

Skins movie? Oh knowing what happens would be delish... But in one way I kinda don't want to. It's not skins without the "holy shit what just happened" finals.
It's kinda like the epilogue in Harry Potter 7- better off not reading it.
That said I'm sure I'll see it. I just can't help it

-m xx

Annebeth said...

I wish I could be you for a day, prancing around looking fab in the sun and having blue hair! :D