white wall

Top: Old Navy (USA)
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Solestruck

Taking these pictures this morning, I realized two very important things: that I will never be a white-wall blogger...and that no matter how much tweaking I do, my bangs will never as straight or perfect as I want them to be.

Half the roads in my neighborhood are currently closed due to construction so I couldn't visit my usual photoshoot haunts, and I didn't even consider going into the backyard (I guess I'm still jaded from having taken seven months worth of outfit photos there), and since every inch of my bedroom walls are almost suffocatingly poster-filled, I ended up in my parents' room for some blessed white wall. But apparently it's not enough space for a portrait shot. Oh well, lesson learned, I suppose. I'm just not meant to be a white-wall style blogger (not that I'm complaining). :)



Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

construction zones are pretty fun for backgrounds of photos though. haha. I love how shiny your shoes are.

Lynnette said...

I think these shots look great. Your hair and the colors in your outfit totally pop! I would definitely be a white wall blogger, if I had a big empty wall ;(