Photos by Angie

Blouse: vintage, thrifted
Skirt: vintage '70s, Etsy
Shoes: Alchemy, thrifted
Bag: Nasty Gal
Headband: Mimco, gift from Angie (thank you!)

Today's outfit was inspired by the colors of Marc Jacobs S/S '11, which really helped to counteract some of the gloominess of the weather. But looking back now, it probably wasn't the best day to spray my hair up into a freestanding (bobby pin-less!) bouffant thing. And I didn't even bring my umbrella so I had to use my tiny lecture notebook as a (pretty much completely ineffective) shield against the elements. The pictures above depict the post-drowned look, during which my hair had lost most of its poofiness. Although I am rather surprised by how well my cheap and smelly hairspray has held up -- even this slight poof is more than what I'd expected. :)



Unknown said...

I LOVE your new header! And boy oh boy those colors together are so electric and awesome and cheerful.

Weather gets in the way of everything sometimes, doesn't it? I wish I coulda seen your bouffant in all its glory :)


Unknown said...

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alittlevintagestory said...

Gorgeous colours, you look fabulous!

Heather, 29 Skirts said...

Your hair still looks really cool, even if the poof has gone down! I love the headband. Great colors as usual!