Top: Arizona, JC Penney (USA)
Skirt: Temt
Belt: eBay
Shoes: Golc, thrifted
Hairbow: self-made

This bouffant was the easiest and most time-efficient fancy hairdo I think I've ever done. The only skills it requires are excessive teasing and strategic bobby-pinning. And hairspray is a must, but be careful not to accidentally spray it directly in your eye!

I don't even know how, but yes, it happened to me. The stinging was harsh but the pain went away after a few minutes, but for the rest of the day, my left eye would start watering at random and awkward moments. It made it a little difficult to carry on even the most generic of conversations. Thankfully it's all cleared up now, and I'm just hoping that I don't wake up tomorrow blind in one eye. :)



Le blog de Letilor said...

PERFECT, love colors, clothes all your outfit. Great style.

DaintyAttire said...

This is stunning. You look so cool! now following you :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I love the detailing on the skirt!