perfectly coordinated

Photos by Angie

Top: American Eagle, TJ Maxx (USA)
Skirt: Topshop, ebay
Shoes: Seychelles, Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: Barkins

I put this outfit together with the goal of a decent color clash. It worked out...but then I realized that my skirt matches my hair, and my top perfectly complements my sunglasses and lipstick, which meant that today I was color-coordinated to the absolute extreme. How do these things happen without my even noticing?!

And I got to wear my new shoes! I don't really subscribe to fashion trends, but these heeled hiker boots, at $40 down from $170, were too good a bargain to pass up. They're the highest heels I own (in terms of pitch) but they're incredibly cushioned and I could probably run a marathon in them. :D Come winter, I'll be able to pair them up with crazy-colored tights -- I can't wait!