The new issue of Lula!

Photos by Angie

Top: Temt
Skirt: Barkins, thrifted
Belt: Valleygirl
Shoes: Bardot, thrifted
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses: Barkins
Hairbow: self-made

A rather bloated outfit post today, but we had a half-hour wait for the bus so we took the time to get creative with the shots.

And I got to read the newest issue of Lula! Angie randomly found a copy at Borders for $15 (!!!!!), and oh my goodness, it's absolutely beautiful! My eyes were glazed over in awe and envy the entire time, and I can totally see why it's so popular amongst style bloggers -- it felt amazing to just be luxuriating in its presence. :) I need my own copy...



Heather, 29 Skirts said...

All the pinks and blues look so cool in this. I might have commented on your bow top before...I know I've noticed it and thought it was adorable...but um, yeah, let me just say (possibly again) that I love it.

Katie said...

what lipstick are you wearing? lovely outfit & photos!

glass of fashion

Live said...

Thank you for responding to my Ten Essentials-post in the Chictopia forum! You're now on my blog ;)

And as for this outfit, I'm loving that skirt, it's so beautiful.


Brenda said...

@29 Skirts: Thanks, that really means a lot to me, it's my absolute favorite top!

@Katie: Thank you! I'm wearing tiny dabs of MAC Girl About Town. :)

@Live: Wow, thank you, I'm so flattered! And I loved your blog post! :D