Look at those two girls in the background with their hands up in their hair just like me!

Photos by Angie

Top: Valleygirl
Skirt: vintage, Etsy
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Edge of Urge
Bag: Nasty Gal
Sunglasses: vintage, borrowed from Angie

I find it really funny that every time I wear this skirt, Angie says something to the degree of, "Oh, you're wearing my favorite skirt!" I love how well she knows my wardrobe. :)

I think it might be un (haha, still in French mode!) unspoken requirement that Foxy-owners must try out the sock-and-sandals trend at least once? And I can see why -- they look adorable! Twee but not sickening, the socks also play a practical purpose as a cushion for the feet for all-day wear. My feet currently feel fantastic for having worn them from 9 to 5 today!

In other shoe-related news, I ended up blowing the rest of my eBay-earned money on another pair. (Why is it so impossible for me to earn and save and accumulate money?!) And here's how I justify it: I earned that money from selling my old shoes and clothes so it's not like I'm dipping into my savings account; I'd been wanting them for months and they recently went on major sale; I randomly found a 15% discount code. Yep, those three excuses apply to practically all my online (impulse) purchases nowadays.



Ashlyn said...

I sincerely love every outfit you put together. The plaid shirt and the Jeffrey Campbells are to die for.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I usually spend money that I get from selling things on other clothes too and look for discounts so I can get two dresses out of selling one. I hear you.

I love this outfit. The last shot is gorgeous.

Jennica said...

Jeffrey Campbell shoees are awessoomme ! you really look like a doll . so cuteee ! awesoommee !