before an audience

Photos by Stephen

Cardigan: Valleygirl
Skirt: Topshop, eBay
Tights: eBay
Shoes: Alchemy, thrifted

These photos were taken during our five-minute break in French class, so I didn't really have the very best pick of locations. Most of the campus is decidedly unattractive, with dull gray blocky buildings all stained with age and dampness. Only the more recently designed places (the new library, or the research facilities) have any sort of architectural uniqueness, but these state-of-the-art structures seem a little out of place among what's commonly considered an eyesore of a campus. I usually try to take pictures in the nicer (or at least somewhat less hideous :D) areas of uni, but today you get to see the reality. How generous am I? ;)

You know what's awkward? Having people watch you while you get your picture taken! I've gotten to the point now where I'm comfortable posing near strangers, but when it's people I know, it's always a bit uncomfortable having to explain about "my style blog" without sounding narcissistic or conceited. I've yet to have a random stranger come up and say to me, "I read your blog!" but I'm pretty sure the prospect of that happening is remote at best at the moment, so I'm not going to stress myself out about thinking of an adequate and non-awkward response.

Question time! For those with blogs, have people ever asked you what you're doing while you're taking outfit photos? How do/would you respond? I need tips haha! :D



Heather, 29 Skirts said...

Your cardigan is beautiful! What a cool collar. I haven't had anyone ask what my husband and I are doing yet while taking photos. Most of our neighbors smile and walk on by, but sometimes people just stare...for example, they'll be going back and forth between their apartment and car and stop to stare on each trip. Super awkward.

G. said...

I absolutely LOVE this outfit! That cardigan is amazing!

I know exactly how you feel with the awkwardness of taking outfit photos - it happens to me all the time, especially since most of the time I have to use a tripod & self timer. I get so scared of people seeing me with my tripod, or while I'm taking photos, and them automatically assuming that I'm just being ridiculously narcissistic. It's hard to explain the concept of having a style blog without seeming incredibly vain. A lot of times, if I have to explain what I'm doing, I'll say it's for a school project or if it's someone I know I just explain about the blog.

- G. (Tulle & Combat Boots)

Ebony Bolt said...

Awesome Pics :D !

Bronzed Humanity said...

Lusting over your red tights! You pull them off effortlessly!
Hot Pink Day

dred said...

i still feel awkward about posing in public too. so i usually ask the boyfriend to take my photos at home on our way out. so when it's crowded in the place where we're going at least i had my shots already. haha

or i go to a more secluded place where there are not much people.

i love the red tights! the pop of color is such a happy accent to your outfit. :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

aw yey for french class break photos!!

I have had many people approach me when I've photographed at locations where some people might be around. I don't mind though because I've always dressed in a way that others in my area of life don't dress as at all. I tend to get people asking more about my camera (yey Pentax, right!!?) or thinking I'm a student doing a photo project (which i laugh about since I'm 27 and never went to college). Sometimes people just say "hi." I've had people stand and stare confused. I'd rather have them ask. If they sit and stare I ask them what they are doing. haha.