the last days of flushing sun

Photos by Stephen

Dress: Netgirl, thrifted
Shoes: Nine West, Nine West Outlet
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, eBay

I'm taking advantage of the last few days of warmth with this sun dress! But it was still pretty cold -- and I don't think I'll be wearing these sandals again until after winter. :(

I'm still supposed to be working on my assignment that is due very very soon, so I apologize for the lack of words again today, but everything should be back to normal by next week. Talk soon! :D



Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

Oh Brinny, I think your outfits get prettier and prettier, and this outfit takes the cake. It is gorgeous and so flowy and fun looking to wear!!! I'm sorry it was a little cold out to wear though.

Unknown said...

I love those shoes so much!

Meanz (Koi Story)