opportunities and potential

Photos by Stephen

Top: Temt
Cardigan: Valleygirl
Skirt: American Apparel
Tights: thrifted
Shoes: Zara

I took these shoes out for a spin today, and at 4", they're a pretty comfortable height, but after wearing them for several hours, my toes were beginning to get squished. You know when your feet slide forward a little every time you take a step? There are no words to adequately convey how much I absolutely loathe that feeling! The sad thing is, to me, these shoes are worth it and I'll happily brave the pain. :D

The other day while I was walking to class, I caught a girl trying to surreptiously take a picture of me on her phone. The operative word here is 'trying,' because she was being pretty obvious about it. Look back on it now, I should've taken advantage of the potential advertising opportunity: "If you want pictures of me, you can visit my blog, notwithoutincident.net! New posts daily!" Haha, oh wow, if I could redo that moment... :D