brighten up the gray

Avocado cardigan // Temt top // Revival skirt // eBay socks // Mossimo shoes // Nasty Gal bag

(Photos by mom)

A (probably not too shocking) confession: I have an addiction to skirts. Preferably full mini skirts, but I don't discriminate...unless they're skin-tight and/or see-through and/or pleather. :D This is my latest addition -- it has little dancing ballerinas printed on it! I think I may be closing in on 50 skirts...but I'll continue to buy them if the universe keeps insisting on making them (and making them so pretty)!

The floor in these pictures isn't randomly wet. Although it looks like I'm indoors, this is actually the outside area of the shopping center, with roofing/verandas over the shop fronts and an open-air center. So we were essentially taking photos in the rain, but with a little help from Photoshop, no one needs to be any wiser. We'll just pretend that I live in a magical place where it's constantly bright and sunny outside, and the concept of rain and gray skies is ludicrous and absolutely inconceivable. :D