one day...

1. Oh My! coat
2. In Too Deep! cardigan
3. Fame and Fortune frock
4. Rainy Day Jane purse
5. Love Fool cardigan
6. I Kind of Like You belt
7. What's the Point Dear? blouse
8. Sigh and Try shoe

I would wear all Alannah Hill all the time if I could! It's exactly my style, and with the frilly girliness pumped up to the max, it's just the way I like it. Sadly, I don't have the funds and everything is astronomically out of my budget. One of my goals in life is to have a collection of Alannah Hill cardigans, but at around $150-250 a pop, they don't come cheap. So far, my collection numbers a very measley 1, which I got for a super-discounted $20 off the faulty rack, and wore in this post. It seems that working on this goal should be shelved until one day when I'm filthy rich and rolling in cash. :D