packing and preparations

Here are a few recent(-ish) purchases that I haven't yet had a chance to wear on the blog. I'll be taking them with me on my trip to China (one week!) so I'll have plenty of opportunities to style them up.

ASOS scalloped-hem dress

I bought this as what I'd thought was a maxi-dress, but it was actually an awkward mid-calf length that I had no idea how to wear. After it'd been languishing in my closet for a few months, I finally got it professionally altered. It was painfully expensive because I wanted to maintain the gorgeous scalloped hem; they had to take the skirt up from the waist, and the side zip and skirt lining drove the price up even more. So I'm determined to get my money's worth and wear it absolutely to death while I'm in China.

American Apparel chambray skirt

This is my second American Apparel skirt, which was a result of an impulsive purchase of an awesome Groupon offer: a $60 AA voucher for $30. It would shock no one for me to admit that I bought two.

Princess Highway button-up crop top

Yes, I've taken the plunge and am finally going to try out the trend! I'm really excited though, because this top is vintage-inspired in the very loveliest way. I can't wait to pair it with some high-waist shorts! And speaking of...

Tattoo high-waist shorts

I got these specifically to pair with the crop top above, and it was only after I'd brought them home that I'd realized that they actually are a really versatile piece to have in the closet. I love it when I have these sorts of epiphanies. :)

Topshop leather sandals

These are replacing my old thrifted pair of Wittner sandals, which have gotten pretty beat-up from constant summertime wear. They came in a range of different colors, but I chose orange, because this particular shade perfectly matches my camera. You know how certain films are so utterly cheesy and cute that they thoroughly transcend sickly sweetness, and end up completely heartfelt? Matchy-matchy is kind of like that for me. :)

Just a couple bits of bloggy news: I've tweaked the layout a little bit to make it more streamlined and clean-looking (this has become my remedy for restless boredom), and I've switched to Flickr, which means that my photos will be bigger, and they'll all be the same width -- my obsessive-compulsiveness has finally been satisfied! :D