preppy in pink

Temt cardigan // Arizona top // Dotti jeans // Valleygirl belt // thrifted shoes // Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

(Photos by mom>

Today felt like a jeans and sneakers kind of day. Well, I looked out the window this morning and it was pouring, so I didn't want to dress up and have to protect myself from the environment. :D

Speaking of jeans, these are the first I've bought in three years! My trusty old American Eagle pair has gotten a little baggy, and it's always weirded me out a little that my sister has exact same pair and in the same size. Because she's a bit of a stick, and I'm, well, not. So my new jeans are advertised as "high-waist cropped skinnies," but I'm still so short that I need to cuff the legs for them to even be normal length on me. And that's pretty much the story of my life, haha.