vintage rebel

Temt top / Dotti jeans / thrifted belt / Converse shoes / ASOS sunglasses

Photos by Angie

I dyed my hair last night, and I love the way it turned out! The process, however, wasn't pretty. I've been using the same four-ounce tub of dye for nearly a year, stretching it by mixing it with water and toner. Well, yesterday I dropped the open container on the bathroom floor, and it stained everything! The bathroom mat was ruined, and I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to clean it out of the tiles. Not to mention that so much dye went to waste -- I might have to order a new one soon. About time, though, I'd say... :D

Back in high school, when I was in my 'alternative' phase, these Chucks were practically glued to my feet. I've only worn them a handful of times over the past couple years, but I could never bring myself to throw them away because of that sentimental attachment.

And they have a history! The tongues of the shoes were originally a baby pink color and I hated it (my alternative phase coincided with my pink-hate phase...), so I decided to paint over it in brown. Trouble was, I didn't actually have any brown paint. I ended up mixing all of my other paints together to create this sort of gross grayish-greenish-brownish blob. But with the addition of a bit of black, the color became a perfect match for my shoes. The canvas has since faded with age, but the tongues remain as dark as ever. I like the effect, and you can kind of see it in the pictures.

The lighting in Angie's backyard was lovely this afternoon, and we kind of went crazy taking turns playing photographer.

Raspberry scones with Turkish apple tea at the T2 teahouse is our tradition, and we'd originally planned on going there today, but Angie's surgery confined her to the house. So we baked our own scones, and they turned out delicious -- crispy on the outside, delightfully fluffy in the center. With a rather large dollop of cream and jam, they were heavenly. We may or may not have spent the entire afternoon gorging ourselves stupid... :D

This is the last outfit post before I leave for China! I have to be out of bed by 4 am tomorrow morning to catch my flight, so it's going to be an early night for me. See you in the northern hemisphere!