longqing valley

Longqing Valley, for me, was the pinnacle of spectacular China landscapes. It was exactly what I'd been looking forward to on my vacation -- basically the real-life version of the movie poster of The Painted Veil.

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the ruins of the old summer palace

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The Old Summer Palace was the home of the emperors in the Qing dynasty. It was destroyed by the British and French in 1860 during the Second Opium War. We got to visit the remains.

olympic green at night

The Beijing Olympic Green is beautiful at night...

798 art zone

And now we're back in Beijing! These pictures are from July 11, when we went to 798, a former industrial area which has been transformed into a thriving arts community of galleries, exhibitions, shops, design spaces, and restaurants -- it is often referred to as the 'SoHo of Beijing.'

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Predictably, I loved it. Things like this, abandoned factories, old smokestakes, exposed plumbing, rusted junk, are my favorites to photograph, and I had so much fun spending hours exploring this district.

There were outdoor art installations everywhere: modern art statues on every corner, and this piece in particular caught my eye:

There was also a space dedicated to public street art...

...As well as numerous, and rather tongue-in-cheek, odes to the Chinese Communist Party.

One of my favorite installations, entitled 'Wolves Coming!'

tour day 9: xishuangbanna 2

I've been back in Sydney for a couple days, and I'm so behind in blogging! I opened up Google Reader for the first time in a month, and I had 1000+ unread blog posts. And I have so many pictures from China that I've yet to share! I'll be reading and posting like a maniac this week, expect, at the very least, one post per day -- I'm aiming to get it all done before uni, as well as winter-weather outfit posts, starts up again next week. :D

Here are pictures from the last day of the tour!

First we went to the Meng Lei Buddhist Monastery...

Valleygirl top / Dangerfield skirt / thrifted shoes / Alphabet Bags tote / Asos sunglasses

Some of the temples were lurid and absolutely over-the-top in their detail and design, but I found it to be beautiful.

In the afternoon, we visited Wild Elephant Valley, home to the some of the only Asian elephants in China.

And, finally, a trip to the butterfly house!