798 art zone

And now we're back in Beijing! These pictures are from July 11, when we went to 798, a former industrial area which has been transformed into a thriving arts community of galleries, exhibitions, shops, design spaces, and restaurants -- it is often referred to as the 'SoHo of Beijing.'

Temt top / Topshop skirt / Wittner sandals / Alphabet Bags tote / Asos sunglasses

Predictably, I loved it. Things like this, abandoned factories, old smokestakes, exposed plumbing, rusted junk, are my favorites to photograph, and I had so much fun spending hours exploring this district.

There were outdoor art installations everywhere: modern art statues on every corner, and this piece in particular caught my eye:

There was also a space dedicated to public street art...

...As well as numerous, and rather tongue-in-cheek, odes to the Chinese Communist Party.

One of my favorite installations, entitled 'Wolves Coming!'