tour day 5: shangri-la county

Skipping ahead to day 5!

We spent the day in Shangri-La County, the region of Yunnan famous for its Tibetan-influenced culture. Our first stop was Tiger Leaping Gorge.

We climbed a thousand steps to get to the bottom of the gorge. The trip back up was absolute torture, haha, but the view was worth it.

The thing I love most about Yunnan is the landscape: with the most beautiful mountains and valleys and everything covered in green, you can stop at any moment on the highway and see a postcard-perfect vista.

These pictures were taken at one of the numerous rest stops that dot the area.

This little Tibetan girl's job was to pose for tourist pictures and collect her fee: $2 per person.

We visited Dongzhulin Monastery, the second largest Buddhist monastery in Shangri-La County. It was absolutely gorgeous; see for yourself. :D

Temt top / Dangerfield skirt / thrifted shoes / Barkins sunglasses

And the view from the top of the highest temple was breathtaking.

That night, we took part in an authentic Tibetan feast hosted by a Chinese-Tibetan family in their own home.

Tea poured from the silver pot; some sort of home-brewed alcohol from the gold.

This is allegedly the most delicious chicken stew in China. I can't speak for anyone else, but I believe it; it's the best I've ever had -- I scarfed down two bowls of it in five minutes!

The cooking area in the middle of the room. The woman in purple was our tour guide for the day.

Performances of traditional song and dance.

Audience participation: my aunts!

The main event: yak!

I love that they don't even bother with knives. :D

It was definitely the highlight of the trip for me. Good food and live (and lively!) entertainment -- nothing beats it. :)