tour day 6-7: dali & kunming

I noticed that I began to take fewer photos as the tour progressed. Remember when I said a couple entries back about how one of the sites we visited was the most blatant example of mercenary tourism?

Well, that's a lie. During the latter part of the tour, we were dragged to various places where the only thing we could do was shop: at those places, there were no sites to see, nothing to take pictures of. We went to places that sold jade, tea, traditional medicine, skin-whitening treatments, and on this particular day, hand-hammered silver.

I didn't take many tourist-y shots that day. But I thought the solid silver door handle was pretty photo-worthy, though. :D

That evening, we got stuck on the highway for two hours as a result of a truck accident a few miles ahead.

And so I got some outfit shots as a way to pass the time.

Paper Scissors top / American Apparel skirt / thrifted shoes

I could say that every bit of 'side of the road' in Yunnan is just as beautiful, and I wouldn't be lying. :)

On day 7, we visited the Shilin (Stone Forest), about an hour's drive from Kunming. It was amazing, the work that people have put into it in order to make it a tourist attraction -- all the stairs were carved into the stone, with rest areas of stone tables and chairs at every few minutes. The nooks and crannies were highly explorable, but I probably would've gotten lost if I hadn't been traveling with my tour group.

Fang top / American Apparel skirt / Asos sunglasses / thrifted shoes