tour day 9: xishuangbanna 2

I've been back in Sydney for a couple days, and I'm so behind in blogging! I opened up Google Reader for the first time in a month, and I had 1000+ unread blog posts. And I have so many pictures from China that I've yet to share! I'll be reading and posting like a maniac this week, expect, at the very least, one post per day -- I'm aiming to get it all done before uni, as well as winter-weather outfit posts, starts up again next week. :D

Here are pictures from the last day of the tour!

First we went to the Meng Lei Buddhist Monastery...

Valleygirl top / Dangerfield skirt / thrifted shoes / Alphabet Bags tote / Asos sunglasses

Some of the temples were lurid and absolutely over-the-top in their detail and design, but I found it to be beautiful.

In the afternoon, we visited Wild Elephant Valley, home to the some of the only Asian elephants in China.

And, finally, a trip to the butterfly house!