yunnan tour day 3: lijiang (1/2)

I'm back to consistent blogging and I've got so much to share! It'll take a while to churn out posts for two weeks worth of photos, but I've finally got the time, so expect lots from me in the near future! :D

Unfortunately, I got a severe (in my opinion, at least haha) case of food poisoning on the first night of the tour so I didn't get any interesting pictures of the second day. We're jumping straight to day three; just as well, as it was absolutely jam-packed with activities.

A stray dog outside our hotel. These sorts of tiny strays are so common in urban China; they're adorable, but we're warned not to touch them as they might carry diseases.

Our first destination was the little tourist spot at the base of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Water from the mountain flows down and ends up here -- people often come here specifically to bottle it up and take it home because they believe in its apparent healing abilities.

As for me, I was here for the view. :)

We watched 'Impression Lijiang,' a show about the customs of the Naxi, the traditional people of Lijiang.

...And then we climbed the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain!

Proof! 4,506 meters up, with my aunt. This outfit is called: I didn't pack for snow! Hence the sweatpants and rain poncho.

It really wasn't as cold as I expected, but there was snow, as well as lots of fog. I had to strategically time my photo-taking, as the fog moved around so quickly that you could blink and your perfectly framed shot of snowcapped mountains is completely whited-out by it.

My aunts! They were quite excited about the snow. :D

The view from the cable car...

Part two coming up soon!