yunnan tour day 3: lijiang (2/2)

Views from the base of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It was breathtaking despite being one of the most mercenary sites of tourism I've ever witnessed. It was absolutely packed with tourists, and it was difficult to take photos while being elbowed from all sides by people fighting to grab the same shot.

We spent the afternoon in the famous Old Town of Lijiang, a centuries-old districted with cobblestone roads and the most amazing and painstakingly detailed architecture.

Valleygirl cardigan / Temt top / American Apparel skirt / thrifted shoes / Barkins sunglasses

I paid $5 to pose with a monkey. :D

Dried seasoned yak meat! It was surprisingly delicious, and my mom bought several hundred dollars of it in various flavors.

My favorite thing about the Old Town was the street food! Here we have a fine selection of bees on a stick; you can see fried honeycomb in the back. :D

One of the many many lovely views of the Old Town...