august valentine

Avocado cardigan / Temt top / vintage skirt / Valleygirl belt / ASOS shoes & sunglasses

And now back to regular programming...because yesterday's quasi-edgy outfit was very much a fluke. :D

I won't lie, Valentine's cheese was totally my style inspiration for today, and I felt just a little bit like a Hallmark greeting card. But that's not necessarily bad thing; I like it when my outfits make strangers smile. :)

Today was officially the last day of winter, springs starts tomorrow! I'm stupidly excited, I can't wait for months and months of gorgeously warm and sunny weather!

These shoes are quickly becoming my easy everyday heels; it's almost disturbing how comfortable they are! Because in my experience, my feet simply aren't supposed to feel great after eight solid hours in heels. I'm so tempted to order the same pair in navy. Right now I'm just waiting for the price to drop or the magical appearance of a discount code, either (or both!) is fine with me. :D

Photos by Stephen

lumberjack chic

Avocado cardigan / Etam Weekend top / vintage skirt / Seychelles boots

These boots make everything I wear just a little bit edgy. Like today, switching them for oxford heels or mary janes would've changed the whole feel of the outfit. But I love the ruggedness of them; after all, I can't be a full-on girly-girl every day of the week. :D

Matte nail polishes are my new favorite thing! Maybe because they dry really quickly and I'm annoyingly impatient... This lilac shade is by South Korean brand Etude House. From eBay, of course; it's like my Room of Requirement. ;D

Well, the bus in the background just completely destroyed the illusion of wilderness, didn't it? haha...

Photos by Angie

trying on 'subdued'

Etam Weekend top / Dangerfield skirt / Valleygirl belt / ASOS shoes / hairbow from Beijing markets

This outfit is about as subdued as I get; you have no idea how unsettling it feels to not be clashing at least two or three colors! But I kept it interesting by trying out a pattern mix: stripes and florals for a beginner like me. :D

The last time I wore a pair of stilettos, I tripped down a flight of stairs and split one of the shoes. So these new shoes are the first step in getting over my fear of wearing skinny heels. I'd say that it's been successful so far -- I wore them for seven hours today and my feet felt fine afterwards. Which is slightly shocking given how my feet are so stupidly-sized. My right foot is slightly fatter than my left, so I've always preferred wearing shoes with straps, because with pumps, my left foot constantly steps out of the shoe while my right foot feels stuffed like a sausage in a too-tight skin.

But now I've just given you an unpleasant mental image, haven't I? :D Well, suffice to say, these shoes have helped me get over my aversion to stilettos and strapless pumps. Best $24 I've ever spent. :)

And a bit of goofing around after the photo shoot...because what else are you supposed to do with a camera and time to kill? :D

Photos by Cassie


Simple, structured, and with a touch of playful. Whereas Alannah Hill can sometimes look a tad costume-y with its syrupy sweetness, Review keeps it grown-up while maintaining the vintage sensibilites that I love.

smiles that reach our eyes

Avocado cardigan / Temt top / Blaque Label skirt / eBay belt / ASOS shoes

If there's one outfit that perfectly defines my style, I'm pretty certain that this is it. No print or patterns, just blocks of blindingly bright color; a fitted top and voluminous bottom; ruffles and bows but not an overload of either; a pair of enormous platform heels. It's girly but not (too) childish, romantic without being saccharine. I think the secret is in its simplicity, it's bold but clean, and there's nothing busy to torment the eyes.

I adore these shoes, and the fact that they're so comfortable makes me so happy! I'm sure you can relate to the resentment I feel towards gorgeous shoes that are torture to wear. So they end up sitting there on my shoe-shelf, mocking me and my asymmetrical feet.

But I was running around and doing jump shots in these shoes and afterwards felt perfectly fine! I know I'll be wearing them to death once spring and summer come around, I can't wait!


up the hill

Avocado cardigan / UNIQLO top / handmade skirt / tights from Beijing markets / Zara flats / ASOS sunglasses / tote c.o. Alphabet Bags

I'm finally writing words! I handed in an assignment today, which meant that I spent all yesterday afternoon procrastinating and avoiding work. It's all over with now (until next week's three assignments, haha) so I'm ready to write a novel. :D

My brand new tote bag was kindly sent to me by Alphabet Bags. I own three others and they're my go-tos for uni -- I can stuff everything I need into them without having to worry about breakage, and if they get dirty, after a tumble in the wash they're good as new. I haven't touched my leather bags in months. :D

There are a few secret truths about today's photo shoot...

It was gorgeously warm today, and we spent about ten minutes alternately lying down and rolling in the grass. It was nice, but I ended up with a bumpy red rash on my forearms and a consistently sniffy nose. Sometimes I feel so resentful about my hay fever that I blatantly defy it by frolicking in nature and then daring my allergies to flare up again. And every time, hay fever smirks and says, "Challenge accepted."

The 'flying through the air' picture above was the single good one of about twenty jumps. You know what they say, practice makes perfect...or at the very least, a perfect cupcake skirt. :D The other truth is that I was doing it on a stomach filled to the brim with chocolate milkshake, and at each jump I could feel (and hear!) it sloshing around, threatening to make a second appearance. My slightly bulgy belly was the result of that milkshake (so worth it though, it was delicious!). ;D

All the rolling around left me with bits of grass adorning my entire body; according to Emily, I had 'environment' all over me. :D

Photos by Angie


Chicabooti cardigan / thrifted vintage blouse / thrifted skirt / Valleygirl belt / eBay tights / Expression shoes

Photos by Angie

technicolor sailor

Avocado cardigan / Etam Weekend top / Topshop shorts / eBay tights / thrifted Alchemy shoes / silver cuff from Yunnan

Apologies for the lack of words today, my current addiction to Big Love is debilitating. :D

Photos by Cassie