august valentine

Avocado cardigan / Temt top / vintage skirt / Valleygirl belt / ASOS shoes & sunglasses

And now back to regular programming...because yesterday's quasi-edgy outfit was very much a fluke. :D

I won't lie, Valentine's cheese was totally my style inspiration for today, and I felt just a little bit like a Hallmark greeting card. But that's not necessarily bad thing; I like it when my outfits make strangers smile. :)

Today was officially the last day of winter, springs starts tomorrow! I'm stupidly excited, I can't wait for months and months of gorgeously warm and sunny weather!

These shoes are quickly becoming my easy everyday heels; it's almost disturbing how comfortable they are! Because in my experience, my feet simply aren't supposed to feel great after eight solid hours in heels. I'm so tempted to order the same pair in navy. Right now I'm just waiting for the price to drop or the magical appearance of a discount code, either (or both!) is fine with me. :D

Photos by Stephen