back in oz

Temt top / Avocado cardigan / Valleygirl belt / handmade skirt / Zara flats / hair clip from a shop in 798, Beijing

These are the first photos taken since returning to Sydney! I think I may have gotten jaded from posting overkill, so I took a tiny break to get over it. Although I have to say I'm ecstatic that I don't have to prune through hundreds of photos every single day like I did for a month straight in China.

I bought a set of hot hair rollers recently and I finally decided to try them out. However, through a combination of the rollers not being able to get very hot, and the fact that my hair is frustratingly limp and refuses to take to a curl, it didn't end up resembling the '50s-inspired look I'd envisioned. Despite that though, I do like the way it turned out; it's casual yet put-together, perfect for a day at uni.

The new semester of uni started up this week, and I've already spent a boatload of money on textbooks. It's especially depressing to me because I see this pile of books and can only think in resentment, "This could be a (several) pair(s) of shoes..."

First world problems, right? ;)

But I'm excited about the semester: I'm taking some really interesting courses, and I've promised myself that I'm going to keep on top of all my readings and not leave anything to the last minute. Which is exactly what I say at the beginning of every semester, but this time I really want to avoid having to write an entire research essay the night before it's due.

In other academic news, I've changed my major! My original major was in museum studies, but I felt its focus was a little too narrow, and I just couldn't imagine myself in a museum-related career. I'm now majoring in politics and international relations; it's a subject that I've unexpectedly come to enjoy, and it's one of the reasons I'm looking forward to this semester.

So I'm definitely going to be updating more regularly from now on... :)