a day in the life

Chicabooti cardigan / Temt top / Topshop skirt / tights from Beijing markets / thrifted Alchemy shoes

I depend on Photoshop to fake a sunny day -- it was freezing, dreary, and wet when we took these photos. You could say that I was just doing my part to further the myth of a perpetually beautifully-weathered blogland. My blog is my escape, I don't want to burden it with the banality of real life. :)

I did a bit of jumping around in an effort to warm up, but those pictures were deleted becaused I was a blur of riculousness. :D

Killing time before the start of our terrorism lecture -- impromptu in-class photoshoots are sometimes eyebrow-raising but always fun!

And here's Angie doing her very loose interpretation of the trademark Calivintage pose...I couldn't resist posting it. :D