Here are some things that have recently come into my possession...

ASOS 'Heist' sandals. I'd been lusting after them for months, and ended up ordering them the day they went on sale. I call them my valentine shoes, for obvious reasons... :)

Marc Jacobs Daisy. Airport duty free. I don't think I need to elaborate. ;D

Handmade skirts. Here are the rest of the skirts I got from China; I can't wait till I can wear them without tights.

Hand-hammered silver ring. My aunts got this for me when we went to Yunnan. It's so gorgeous and potentially fragile, I'm afraid to wear it!


Alphabet Bags tote. I had a discount code so I bought this, as well as another number 9 bag as a back-up. It really is the perfect chuck-everything bag.

Wittner nude heels. I'm not too proud to buy a knock-off...because one day it simply occured to me, as if I could ever afford Miu Miu. These are a very decent copy: they're leather, and they don't look cheap or tacky, and that's good enough for me. :)