school spirit!

Cotton On top / Valleygirl cardigan / Blaque Label / Miss Shop belt / thrifted tights / Wittner heels

I got these shoes ages ago, back before I went to China, and I'm so happy that I finally got the courage to wear them to uni! I still have to talk myself up to wearing five-inch heels, because honestly, sometimes I do feel ridiculous in them. But I'm addicted to the height (I'm a lofty 5'7" in these!), and there's a small (well, maybe not so small) part of me that wants to get my money's worth out of them.

And I think I did -- I wore them all day (seven hours!) and by the walk home, my toes were numb. But the rest of me felt amazing. Beautiful shoes are absolutely worth the pain. :D

I find it secretly hilarious that I willlingly wore black and yellow. Black and gold are the colors of my old high school -- well, 'gold' is what they claimed, but it was really a sick shade of urine-yellow. I avoided that color combination all through high school because I was a rebel and was absolutely disgusted by the idea of school spirit. ;D Look how much I've grown, haha!

Photos by Cassie