side of the road

Valleygirl cardigan / Temt top / handmade skirt / thrifted shoes

These are the last photos from China, which were taken on a morning drive through the Beijing countryside on one of our last days.

Look what trotted by in the middle of our shoot! :D

I'm wearing one of the five skirts I'd commissioned in Beijing. My aunt took me to the markets to pick out fabric, and then we took it to the local seamstress, who sewed them up in the model of one of the American Apparel skirts I'd brought. I almost felt guilty for taking advantage of such cheap labor (she charged 30 yuan per skirt, wich converts to about AU$4), but perhaps I've just become used to the exorbitant prices of everything in Australia?

But those are only fleeting new skirts are beautiful, and they have pockets! I can't wait to wear the rest of them for the blog! :)

Two of my new pieces of everyday jewelry: the hand-hammered sterling silver ring from Yunnan was a gift from my aunts; the bow ring cost 5 yuan at a market in Beijing.