smiles that reach our eyes

Avocado cardigan / Temt top / Blaque Label skirt / eBay belt / ASOS shoes

If there's one outfit that perfectly defines my style, I'm pretty certain that this is it. No print or patterns, just blocks of blindingly bright color; a fitted top and voluminous bottom; ruffles and bows but not an overload of either; a pair of enormous platform heels. It's girly but not (too) childish, romantic without being saccharine. I think the secret is in its simplicity, it's bold but clean, and there's nothing busy to torment the eyes.

I adore these shoes, and the fact that they're so comfortable makes me so happy! I'm sure you can relate to the resentment I feel towards gorgeous shoes that are torture to wear. So they end up sitting there on my shoe-shelf, mocking me and my asymmetrical feet.

But I was running around and doing jump shots in these shoes and afterwards felt perfectly fine! I know I'll be wearing them to death once spring and summer come around, I can't wait!