trying on 'subdued'

Etam Weekend top / Dangerfield skirt / Valleygirl belt / ASOS shoes / hairbow from Beijing markets

This outfit is about as subdued as I get; you have no idea how unsettling it feels to not be clashing at least two or three colors! But I kept it interesting by trying out a pattern mix: stripes and florals for a beginner like me. :D

The last time I wore a pair of stilettos, I tripped down a flight of stairs and split one of the shoes. So these new shoes are the first step in getting over my fear of wearing skinny heels. I'd say that it's been successful so far -- I wore them for seven hours today and my feet felt fine afterwards. Which is slightly shocking given how my feet are so stupidly-sized. My right foot is slightly fatter than my left, so I've always preferred wearing shoes with straps, because with pumps, my left foot constantly steps out of the shoe while my right foot feels stuffed like a sausage in a too-tight skin.

But now I've just given you an unpleasant mental image, haven't I? :D Well, suffice to say, these shoes have helped me get over my aversion to stilettos and strapless pumps. Best $24 I've ever spent. :)

And a bit of goofing around after the photo shoot...because what else are you supposed to do with a camera and time to kill? :D

Photos by Cassie