up the hill

Avocado cardigan / UNIQLO top / handmade skirt / tights from Beijing markets / Zara flats / ASOS sunglasses / tote c.o. Alphabet Bags

I'm finally writing words! I handed in an assignment today, which meant that I spent all yesterday afternoon procrastinating and avoiding work. It's all over with now (until next week's three assignments, haha) so I'm ready to write a novel. :D

My brand new tote bag was kindly sent to me by Alphabet Bags. I own three others and they're my go-tos for uni -- I can stuff everything I need into them without having to worry about breakage, and if they get dirty, after a tumble in the wash they're good as new. I haven't touched my leather bags in months. :D

There are a few secret truths about today's photo shoot...

It was gorgeously warm today, and we spent about ten minutes alternately lying down and rolling in the grass. It was nice, but I ended up with a bumpy red rash on my forearms and a consistently sniffy nose. Sometimes I feel so resentful about my hay fever that I blatantly defy it by frolicking in nature and then daring my allergies to flare up again. And every time, hay fever smirks and says, "Challenge accepted."

The 'flying through the air' picture above was the single good one of about twenty jumps. You know what they say, practice makes perfect...or at the very least, a perfect cupcake skirt. :D The other truth is that I was doing it on a stomach filled to the brim with chocolate milkshake, and at each jump I could feel (and hear!) it sloshing around, threatening to make a second appearance. My slightly bulgy belly was the result of that milkshake (so worth it though, it was delicious!). ;D

All the rolling around left me with bits of grass adorning my entire body; according to Emily, I had 'environment' all over me. :D

Photos by Angie