shocking blue

I dyed my hair today! It doesn't look exceptionally lighter, in fact, it seems quite similar to weeks-faded After Midnight Blue...but much more vibrant. I really do love this bright jewel-tone, and it makes me excited to go even lighter. :D

And, as promised, I have videos!

a slice of life

My new hair dye. I'll be trying it out sometime this weekend!

My to-read stack. Some for pleasure, some for school.

A new summer dress that I can't wait to wear!


The wall of consumerism. I'm such a hoarder, I can't even bring myself to throw away the tags!

My notebook for the current semester. There's something about a weighty book with creamy pages that makes me actually want to take notes in class. :D

Mmmm...unlined pages are my holy grail...

New stock for the Etsy shop! I realize that my last Etsy update was way back in April, probably, so this is long overdue. But you'll have to hold your breath for a little while longer; I still need to find time to take the photos!

And the reason I've been a bad blogger! This whole 'prove God exists through philosophy/logic, then refute the argument, then refute the refutations (and on and on and on)' thing just about does my head completely in.

I might be a bit quiet for the rest of the week as I work on finishing this essay; after that I'm planning on bleaching and dyeing my hair! Also potentially going to make a video on that, but only if I can figure out the logistics. My camera gobbles up one gig for every five minutes of video!

See you soon! :)

kinda fantastic

thrifted Jay Jays top / ASOS skirt / Valleygirl belt / eBay socks / Mossimo shoes

Wow, it's been nearly a week since I last updated! But it wasn't because I was lazy; I actually set aside most of last week to work on my philosophy assignment: 2000 words on Kant! Urgh. I'm still only halfway finished...I spent a lot of that time procrastinating. This is pretty much what my midsemester break looks like every year.

Angie and I went to Rhodes shopping center today, or more specifically, to Ikea for the delicious (and cheap!) hot chocolate. $2.25 (or free with the family card!) with endless refills, mmmmmm... To be frank, it's the only reason we ever go to Rhodes. So I guess you can imagine our devastation on finding out that the hot chocolate machine was busted. :D

But the day wasn't a total loss! I picked up this number 9 wooden..thing at Typo for $1! I have no idea what to do with it, but impulse bargain buys are my weakness and I just couldn't help myself. It'll probably end up sitting on my bookcase gathering dust...but then again, I suppose that's actually what it's for.

Photos by Angie

Since the chicken-wrangling debacle, I've been wanting to make more videos. And with this one, I finally figured out how to focus the thing! Which will hopefully mean more videos in the future.

Enjoy our accents. ;D

a bit random

Temt top / Valleygirl belt / handmade skirt / Topshop sandals / ASOS sunglasses

Today Angie and I had a thrifting, cooking, eating, and chicken-wrangling day! First we went to Vinnies where I made her try on a pair of hilariously heinous (but Karen Walker!) pants with a broken photos because I'm a nice person (and the ones I took turned out disturbingly stalkerish haha). :D

After that, we made breakfast for lunch. I made scrambled eggs on toast...oh my goodness, so delicious with crème fraîche instead of milk!

Angie made scones!

While waiting for the scones to bake, we went outside and played with the chickens. Why, yes, I am guilty of taking an obscene amount of photos of them... :D

...Played in the land rover for a bit...

...And then the scones were ready! Even more delicious this time since we discovered utterly addictive magic of crème fraîche.

Angie ate it straight from the tub...

And then a chicken got into her room! This was the chicken-wrangling part of the day. :D

Photos by Angie and me

a thousand words

Dip Drops top / American Apparel skirt / ASOS shoes / Alphabet Bags tote

Photos by my mom


I've completely overhauled my blog shop with lots of new items and great bargains! Click on the image above and have a look around! :)

all that we need

Avocado cardigan / thrifted Net Girl dress / thrifted Wittner shoes / Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

Soo...I accidentally tore this dress just moments before I had these pictures taken. When I knelt down to do test shots, apparently I stepped on the hem with the heel of my shoe. And then as I tried to stand up, I heard this horrific and surprisingly loud riiiiiiip, and just about died in panic.

Ultimately the damage was nothing: a quarter-sized hole that I could mend in my sleep. And since it was only an $8 dress, I wasn't too cut up about it.

But the real moral of this story is that no matter how gracefully and elegantly I try to portray myself on this blog, in reality I'm just nothing more than a big old klutz. ;D

Ever since I got my tote bags (three and counting!), my other handbags have been languishing in back of my closet. I took them out this morning, it just me, or is the smell of clean, supple leather only the most wonderful smell in the world? And I love being able to stuff everything I need into it without having to worry about the straps potentially tearing -- I've missed the sturdiness and reliability of a good leather bag.

Guess what! I've been featured on the ASOS Fashion Finder Spotlight! It's rather serendipitous because I've been having a love affair with ASOS for the past several months...well, a love affair in the sort of way an obsessive stalker has one with his prey. Why yes, I do check the new arrivals section well as my saved items to see if any of them have been discounted. :D

Anyway, click on the image to read the rest of the interview.


New Medicine - "Rich Kids"

We got all that we need, packed it up in the van,
Put the pedal to the floor, gave the finger to the man

It's easy to drown yourself in an overload of serious, contemplative music; New Medicine is my antidote. This song is a bit of a guilty pleasure -- it's catchy and fun, and hilariousy irreverent. Every time it comes on, I'm inspired to buck the system and go live out on my own as a free spirit. Not really...but I did get the urge to sing along to it at the top of my lungs while listening to it on the bus this morning. :D

Photos by Stephen