all that we need

Avocado cardigan / thrifted Net Girl dress / thrifted Wittner shoes / Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

Soo...I accidentally tore this dress just moments before I had these pictures taken. When I knelt down to do test shots, apparently I stepped on the hem with the heel of my shoe. And then as I tried to stand up, I heard this horrific and surprisingly loud riiiiiiip, and just about died in panic.

Ultimately the damage was nothing: a quarter-sized hole that I could mend in my sleep. And since it was only an $8 dress, I wasn't too cut up about it.

But the real moral of this story is that no matter how gracefully and elegantly I try to portray myself on this blog, in reality I'm just nothing more than a big old klutz. ;D

Ever since I got my tote bags (three and counting!), my other handbags have been languishing in back of my closet. I took them out this morning, it just me, or is the smell of clean, supple leather only the most wonderful smell in the world? And I love being able to stuff everything I need into it without having to worry about the straps potentially tearing -- I've missed the sturdiness and reliability of a good leather bag.

Guess what! I've been featured on the ASOS Fashion Finder Spotlight! It's rather serendipitous because I've been having a love affair with ASOS for the past several months...well, a love affair in the sort of way an obsessive stalker has one with his prey. Why yes, I do check the new arrivals section well as my saved items to see if any of them have been discounted. :D

Anyway, click on the image to read the rest of the interview.


New Medicine - "Rich Kids"

We got all that we need, packed it up in the van,
Put the pedal to the floor, gave the finger to the man

It's easy to drown yourself in an overload of serious, contemplative music; New Medicine is my antidote. This song is a bit of a guilty pleasure -- it's catchy and fun, and hilariousy irreverent. Every time it comes on, I'm inspired to buck the system and go live out on my own as a free spirit. Not really...but I did get the urge to sing along to it at the top of my lungs while listening to it on the bus this morning. :D

Photos by Stephen