anything you want

Dorothy Perkins dress / Valleygirl cardigan & belt / Wittner shoes

This dress is essentially all I've ever wanted in a dress. A very simple design with a high waist and a full, flouncy well as a gorgeously whimsical print. In this case, it's flowerpots!

The bodice of the dress was originally slightly loose on me, so I ended up shortening the straps by about a quarter of an inch, and taking it in the sides a little. It's odd because I've rarely had problems with size 6 clothes being too big (if anything, they'd be small), but this was the second time I'd had an issue with a very large 6, and the other time it was with a UK brand as well. Maybe there's a discrepancy between UK and Australian sizes?

Like I said, I skinnied out the bodice a bit, but I may have gone a little too far with it, because trying it on after the alteration made the buttons strain. I was too lazy to take out the stitches and redo it, so I compromised by safety-pinning the spaces between each button. You can sort of see them in some of the close-up shots. :D

And I wore my new shoes out for the first time! My collection of Wittner shoes is now at five, and they're all in various shades of not-very-colorful. Which I find a little bit strange; I'm such a lover of bright colors, so how is it possible that I've amassed such an extensive collection of neutral and nude shoes? Unwittingly, of course. ;D

And here's the close-up that's nagging me to get my roots done! :D

Did you know that my hair is two-toned? I only dye the top half of my hair blue, and the bottom bit stays black. It saves me so much dye and bleach, and because I usually wear my hair down, you can't really tell. But here you can see it in all its slightly disgusting glory, haha!

I've always thought that two-toned hair was trashy...and it only recently occurred to me that I've had this hair for years. It was a thoroughly unpleasant epiphany... :D

Song of the moment

Dredg - "The Tent"

Here's the song that is currently stuck in my head. It's faaar from my favorite by the band (the album itself was slightly disappointing compared to their previous releases), but it's oddly entrancing. Listening to it makes me I've been sedated.

But it does represent one of my absolute favorite genres: progressive rock. Just the diversity, creativity, and technical skill; there's nothing more aurally interesting to me.

Photos by Cassie