berry bright

thrifted Ally cardigan / Temt dress (worn as top) / vintage skirt / Barkins tights / ASOS shoes

I'm wearing some of my favorite colors today: bright scarlet/rust orange, and whatever color my tights are because I can't decide on whether to call it fuchsia or magenta! Either way, I love those colors, and they look surprisingly great together.

So I've (finally!) decided to experiment with my hair color a bit. Well, I just ordered a different shade of blue. :D My current dye is a deep navy blue, but my new one will be electric blue! Teal or turquoise has always been my dream hair color, and I'm beginning to take the tiniest baby steps to get there.

But let me show you!

Currently I use After Midnight Blue, which has been my dye of choice for the past four years (has it been that long?! haha). I recently ordered Shocking Blue, which I know doesn't look all that different in the picture, but it'll be a lot lighter than I'm used to. One day I hope to be in Atomic Turquoise/Bad Boy Blue territory.

Sure it'll wreak absolute havok on my hair, but I'm sure I'll have my entire professional career life to grow it back to healthy. Because when else will I ever have the opportunity to experiment like this? :D


Josiah Leming - "Maybe"

Maybe we were torn apart from the start, never had a chance,
Maybe bits of our broken hearts are better when they mend.

Photos by Cassie