a bit random

Temt top / Valleygirl belt / handmade skirt / Topshop sandals / ASOS sunglasses

Today Angie and I had a thrifting, cooking, eating, and chicken-wrangling day! First we went to Vinnies where I made her try on a pair of hilariously heinous (but Karen Walker!) pants with a broken zipper...no photos because I'm a nice person (and the ones I took turned out disturbingly stalkerish haha). :D

After that, we made breakfast for lunch. I made scrambled eggs on toast...oh my goodness, so delicious with crème fraîche instead of milk!

Angie made scones!

While waiting for the scones to bake, we went outside and played with the chickens. Why, yes, I am guilty of taking an obscene amount of photos of them... :D

...Played in the land rover for a bit...

...And then the scones were ready! Even more delicious this time since we discovered utterly addictive magic of crème fraîche.

Angie ate it straight from the tub...

And then a chicken got into her room! This was the chicken-wrangling part of the day. :D

Photos by Angie and me