Etam Weekend top / Valleygirl belt / ASOS skirt, shoes, sunglasses

While we were taking these photos today, a group of guys walked by and asked if they could photobomb a shot. Umm. As if you'd actually ask permission to photobomb?! Like that wouldn't completely defeat the purpose? Sigh...

But a few minutes later, a girl came up to me and told me that she liked my style. So the lesson here is, dealing with the crazy is a lot easier when it's balanced with the nice. :D

Je veux dire un grand merci pour mes photographes infatigables ce semestre: Angie, Stephen, et Cassie! The truth is, this blog would absolutely not be what it is today without their help. I'd never really thought about it until today, when I got Stephen to take my photos when he was supposed to be studying for a test...and then he took over 150 shots.

So I could never thank my photographers enough, for their dedication to this blog in the face of much more pressing obligations. And the photo credit I put at the bottom of each post always seemed like such a pathetically insignificant token of gratitude... You guys are amazing, and you make blogging so much fun; thank you for that. :)

Photos by Stephen