grab that chance, carry it home

thrifted Ally cardigan / Temt top / Topshop skirt / tights from Beijing / ASOS shoes

You can see the summer version of this outfit here. I've noticed that most of my clothes aren't season-specific, and so I end up wearing my entire wardrobe year-round. It's great because this way I get more wear out of my clothes, and it's an excuse to buy even more. The trick is in the layering...

Well I stocked up at the ASOS sale, didn't I? But bright-colored basics make my knees go weak so I couldn't resist them! Even though it's technically spring now (yay!), I want a couple more colder days so I can clash them with tights.

Here's a song that's been stuck in my head for awhile. It doesn't really relate to this outfit at all, but it did make me happy today, and I think that's a good enough reason to post it. I hope it makes you happy too. :)

I came to this world with nothing,
And I leave with nothing but love...
Everything else is just borrowed

Photos by Stephen