kinda fantastic

thrifted Jay Jays top / ASOS skirt / Valleygirl belt / eBay socks / Mossimo shoes

Wow, it's been nearly a week since I last updated! But it wasn't because I was lazy; I actually set aside most of last week to work on my philosophy assignment: 2000 words on Kant! Urgh. I'm still only halfway finished...I spent a lot of that time procrastinating. This is pretty much what my midsemester break looks like every year.

Angie and I went to Rhodes shopping center today, or more specifically, to Ikea for the delicious (and cheap!) hot chocolate. $2.25 (or free with the family card!) with endless refills, mmmmmm... To be frank, it's the only reason we ever go to Rhodes. So I guess you can imagine our devastation on finding out that the hot chocolate machine was busted. :D

But the day wasn't a total loss! I picked up this number 9 wooden..thing at Typo for $1! I have no idea what to do with it, but impulse bargain buys are my weakness and I just couldn't help myself. It'll probably end up sitting on my bookcase gathering dust...but then again, I suppose that's actually what it's for.

Photos by Angie

Since the chicken-wrangling debacle, I've been wanting to make more videos. And with this one, I finally figured out how to focus the thing! Which will hopefully mean more videos in the future.

Enjoy our accents. ;D