old, new, faulty

Avocado top / American Apparel skirt / ASOS shoes / Alphabet Bags tote

I didn't put any product in my hair today so I shook it around like a wet dog for a bit of temporary volume. :D

And these shoes continue to be the most comfortable heels I own...

Today Angie and I went to the Rozelle markets! We hadn't been in months; click here to see what we did the last time we went. I also hadn't devoted an entire day to shopping since June, so I was super-excited to get back into the groove of consumerism. ;D

Once again, it was the perfect hodgepodge of vintage boutique, thrift store, and yard sale.

Afterwards, we went to Birkenhead Point (the outlet mall), which we also hadn't visited in a while.

I love it when bloggers take us into their fitting rooms (in a totally non-creepy way!) when they go shopping and share the things they try on, so I thought I'd do it too.

(Please excuse the awful lighting that gave me jaundice-yellow skin!)

Alannah Hill pale pink chiffon dress. It was on sale for $20 from $500-ish (!!) so I had to try it on, and sure enough, it looked just as beautiful as I'd expected! But there was a reason it was so cheap: the chiffon, which was sewn in many tiers/layers onto the dress, had raw edges which caused it to unravel and shed chiffon thread everywhere. The dress was essentially disintegrating before my eyes. I have to admit, I felt more than a little devastated when I returned it to the rack...

Revival face-print sun dress. It was on the faulty rack for $10, down from $78, and it fit perfectly! I'm almost embarrassed to post this picture because it really doesn't do it justice at all! When I tried it on, I couldn't even tell what the fault was, and it actually took me awhile to find where it was. There was a tiny tear at the bust of the dress, a quarter of an inch long at the most, and so laughably insignificant that I almost felt it was theft that it was only $10! So, of course, it came home with me. :)

Revival blue floral sun dress. This was also from the faulty rack, $15 down from $88. It fit great, but the skirt was tearing away from the bodice, and if I'd liked the print a little more, I would've been able to justify the effort in mending it...so I guess it wasn't meant to be.

I also thrifted a brand new pair of Wittner pumps for $30, which are actually still available on the website for a hefty $150. I think they look slightly too office-y as they are, so I ordered some bow shoe-clips off eBay to me-ify them a little. :D

Photos of me by Angie; photos of everything else by me :D