pecan pie muffins

Today I baked some pecan pie mini-muffins! I used this recipe, and they turned out absolutely delicious! The combination of crispy edges, steaming soft center, and sweet crunchy pecans was heavenly... These pictures were taken after I'd already eaten four of them. :D I'm so excited about making more; next time, though, it'll be a much bigger batch!

I think that baking is going to be my new favorite hobby, and I hope to do a regular food feature on the blog. I'm still a complete novice at food presentation and photography -- my mom, who's a food blogger, was the one who arranged these muffins so nicely on the plate.

It'll be good practice for me, but most of all I'm really just so relieved that I've finally developed an interest in cooking. Which is, embarrassingly, something that I've been waiting for for years; I'd always assumed that if I ever had to live on my own, I would've had to survive off toast and ramen noodles. Now I can finally put one of my (numerous) fears of the future to rest. :)