a slice of life

My new hair dye. I'll be trying it out sometime this weekend!

My to-read stack. Some for pleasure, some for school.

A new summer dress that I can't wait to wear!


The wall of consumerism. I'm such a hoarder, I can't even bring myself to throw away the tags!

My notebook for the current semester. There's something about a weighty book with creamy pages that makes me actually want to take notes in class. :D

Mmmm...unlined pages are my holy grail...

New stock for the Etsy shop! I realize that my last Etsy update was way back in April, probably, so this is long overdue. But you'll have to hold your breath for a little while longer; I still need to find time to take the photos!

And the reason I've been a bad blogger! This whole 'prove God exists through philosophy/logic, then refute the argument, then refute the refutations (and on and on and on)' thing just about does my head completely in.

I might be a bit quiet for the rest of the week as I work on finishing this essay; after that I'm planning on bleaching and dyeing my hair! Also potentially going to make a video on that, but only if I can figure out the logistics. My camera gobbles up one gig for every five minutes of video!

See you soon! :)