a colorblock extravaganza

Chicabooti cardigan / thrifted Witchery top / ASOS skirt & socks / Valleygirl belt / Mossimo shoes

I haven't really had anything super-exciting happen to me recently, so I thought I'd share some random facts...

I'm 5'2". This means I've grown all of five inches (!) in the past eight years. I used to be so self-conscious about my (lack of) height, because everybody who was my age or older positively towered over me. Because you know what was awkward? Having to craaaaane my head up just to be able to look someone in the face.

Nowadays it's not such a big deal, because I'm finally somewhat within the spectrum of average height. And on days that I want to be a little taller, a pair of heels fixes that in a cinch. :D

The first color I remember ever verbalizing as my 'favorite' was orange. I was six years old, and our conversation topics had never been more profound. Since then, I've had flings with other colors, but ultimately, my heart comes back to orange. I have a camera, headphones, a bedsheet set, two pairs of shoes, and countless pieces of clothing in various shades of orange, and I'm constantly on the lookout for even more citrus-y goodness. :D

I have hay fever. If I could change anything about my body, it would most definitely be this! I'm allergic to pretty much all of nature, and I never go out without a travel-pack of tissues. It's something that I've lived and struggled with my entire life, and it really sucks all the enjoyment out of whatever fun thing I'm doing because I'm too busy sneezing and snotting up endless wads of tissues.

The only reason I survived this photoshoot was because we were only there for a total of ten minutes. Oh, the things I do for this blog! :D

Photos by Stephen