gibson girls

Avocado cardigan / Temt top / Glassons skirt / thrifted Wittner shoes

Of course I bought the skirt! ;D For some girls it's makeup, and for others it's shoes, but skirts are my biggest weakness. I can talk myself out of buying just about anything, but if I see a skirt that I absolutely adore, there's no contest, it's coming home with me.

I first saw this skirt on a mannequin in the shop window about fifty feet away, gasped, and sprinted. The only one in my size was actually on the display mannequin, so the sales assistant had to take it off for me. I felt a little guilty for her efforts, but...the skirt! Long story short, it fit me perfectly, and now it's mine. :D

I've been seeing the Gibson tuck online a lot lately, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I love easy things that look difficult, and this hairstyle is no different. I like the added interest of my black hair with the blue. Here's the tutorial I used.

While I was at the bus stop this morning, an old lady came up to me and told me how beautiful I looked! "That skirt, and those shoes! You look absolutely lovely!" She asked me where I was going in such a fancy outfit, I replied, "Uni," and she exclaimed, "I thought you were going to lunch!" She marveled at how high my heels were, saying that when she was younger, she used to wear shoes with the big platforms, "but nothing as high as yours!" Ahaha, the power of a compliment! It made my day. :)

Photos by Ben